Sunday, 21 October 2007

12 MONTH MILLIONAIRE - IS A REAL SCAM !! "VINNIE" Vincent James - back in business with a new partner - Russell Brunson


Mr. 12 Month Millionaire

So, how did Vince James Passafiume "Vinnie" who now goes by the name Vincent James become a millionaire in 12 months ? - Well actually Vince James didn't make a million in 12 months - he stole millions with the help of others over several years and as I said he couldn't do it alone - divide all those millions between his 2 accomplices and the 432,000 + identified victims of his scams, many still waiting compensation( although Passafiume brags to be the mastermind behind the scam ) not only did he steal that money but then he was caught, forfeited the $48 million in luxury homes, a fleet of cars and bank accounts to pay off victims. You and I are free to run an online business, he's prohibited from running any type of business ( even with a silent partner ) for another 2 years I don't call that success. He's not a great businessman at all - he's not only lost his self respect, the respect of 450,000 victims, employees, past affiliates and his own family members but I can guarantee that a couple of years from now many more people will wish they had never sung his praises.

Vince James Passafiume along with his nephew Michael Consoli and Mike's poor sweet mum were found guilty of fraud, embezzlement, laundering, racketeering and Vince was prohibited from doing business over the internet - but do you think that court order was enough to stop him ? it doesn't seem so. Vincent(James)Passafiume is a white collar criminal with a new scam : 12 Month Millionaire - You can be part of it too.

Recently Vince Passifume "12-Month-Millionaire" teamed up with Russell Brunson heavily promoting the new 'info product'. Marketing affiliates also have the opportunity to endorse and earn a commission from promoting Vince's direct marketing blueprint under Russell Brunson's endorsement. But remember anyone promoting "12 Month Millionaire" is indirectly working for Vinnie Passafiumme to rip off other internet marketers desperate to make a dollar. Think about it.

The late "great" Gary Halbert temporarily had some kind of respect for Vince J. Passafiume. I don't want to repeat here what he said about Vince, but I wouldn't have taken it as a compliment if he had said the same about me.

I know it can be tempting to compromise principals, especially when it seems there is some kind of anonymity on the internet. However we are not so anonymous as we think. Internet marketing is not some game - these guys and their affiliates are stealing from real people like you and me - a million dollars is never enough and there is no true rest for them.

Vince and Russell must think we're all brain dead when they sell us an info product and offer us an 8 week money back guarantee. I challenge anyone reading this to try for the refund, of course that is only if you're not happy with what you purchased. Vince James is selling a blueprint to his success ? Hey wake up everyone ! Vince made his money by selling a $2.50 dud product for $59
and illegally charged his customers credit cards after they had canceled their subscriptions - i.e words - the only way you are going to really make the sort of money Vinnie made is if you follow his exact illegal credit card fraud, dud product, lies, lies, lies scam spam plan - flogging off dud products - now he's selling another dud product - how much do you think it cost him to make the 12 Month Millionaire info product ? Recently I had another affiliate friend email with the links to sites like ........... where I could download 12 Month Millionaire free - you know what I told him ? I'm not going to download the free 12 month millionaire even if he paid me - why ? Because I like to sleep at night. But I can guarantee one thing - if Vince James was in our shoes he would download 12 month millionaire from ...... etc. in a flash - no questions asked - and we all know it. And I'm sure he wouldn't just download it but he would pirate 12 month millionaire and flog it off to make a few bucks.

I could go on and on, but don't take my word regarding Vince James Passafiume - Click on the links below to read official court documents and News Articles. If You are an Internet Marketer with any sense of integrity please tell your fellow affiliate marketers through forums, email, sites, blogs etc. It's easy to get sucked into compromising your principals when you're trying to make a living on the net.

Best Regards and Success with Integrity,

Thomas Gates

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